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The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) has developed two information leaflets for parents on the new Primary Language Curriculum:


A one-page leaflet answers key questions from parents about the curriculum.


A two-page leaflet gives more detail on these key questions parents have about the curriculum. The leaflets are available in English and Irish at


The leaflets explain why there is a new language curriculum and how it is different to the current curriculum for English and Irish, and they inform you of your important role in supporting and encouraging your  children’s language learning at home.


In addition to the leaflets, the new Language Curriculum section on the curriculumonline website includes a section called Support Material. You might find some of it helpful in supporting your child at home. The material includes lots of advice, photos and videos about children learning to talk, read and write

As part of the Department’s strategy to improve children’s literacy and numeracy skills, the National Adult Literacy Agency developed the website This provides some suggestions for enjoyable activities in which you and your child can engage.



Information for parents about resources to support literacy and numeracy in Irish is available from COGG,

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